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Second-generation physician heads Coronado Cosmetic Surgery Center

Meet Dr. Rakhesh Guttikonda, owner of Coronado Cosmetic Surgery Center, on the campus of Sharp Coronado Hospital.

Guttikonda is the son of two physicians — his father is an anesthesiologist and his mother is a pediatrician. His brother is an anesthesiologist and his wife, Rana Ram, is an emergency room physician at Sharp Coronado Hospital.
After receiving his undergraduate degree in biology from St. John’s University in Queens, N.Y., Guttikonda obtained his doctor of osteopathy degree from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.
He then completed an internship, a five-year residency in general surgery and a three-year fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at St. Barnabas Hospital, a Level I Trauma Center in New York. As part of his fellowship, Guttikonda became an expert in hand surgery, participating in more than 500 hand cases, learning from the best hand surgeons in New York. He now specializes in carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgeries.
Natural medicine was a focal point of Guttikonda’s osteopathic training, which he integrates with his plastic and reconstructive training to provide innovative care for his patients.
After last year’s particularly grueling New York winter, the Guttikondas decided to relocate to the San Diego area (Rana Ram hails from Southern California). They selected Coronado, which they visited on earlier trips West, to base their professional careers.
“I instantly liked the feel and friendliness of this small town community,” said Guttikonda, who established Coronado Cosmetic Surgery Center last summer. “It’s the perfect place to develop a home base of patients in my practice. Quality medical care is not about pushing patients in and out. I prefer to spend unhurried time in patient care and making sure my patients are happy with their results.”
Among the cosmetic procedures that Guttikonda offers is facial rejuvenation, including face and neck lifts, brow lifts, facial implants and nose and eyelid surgery. For patients who have little facial damage or who wish not to have surgery, laser treatments, requiring just one or two hours under a local anesthetic, may be alternatives.
Body contouring procedures include tummy tucks and liposuction, and Smartlipo Triplex, an advanced laser-assisted lipolysis system. The minimally invasive procedure permanently destroys fat cells and allows the patient to return to work in a few days.
Breast enhancement is traditionally the most often requested procedure, Guttikonda noted, which women (and sometimes men who suffer from gynecomastia) turn to make the breasts more proportional with the body. Women will often wish to correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy and/or reshape breasts that have lost their shape from breastfeeding or aging. Procedures include breast augmentation, breast lifts and breast reduction.
As a surgeon, Guttikonda seeks to help patients achieve the look they want and assist in their physical well-being.
For example, breast-reduction surgery is a procedure for women born with disproportionately large breasts, which often leads to constant back, neck and shoulder pain. Sports and other physical activities may be difficult. Some women may struggle with sound sleep and some may have a hard time finding clothes that fit comfortably. During a consultation, Guttikonda will discuss the patient’s goals, concerns and medical history and help develop a plan that works best. In some cases, a patient may elect to combine breast reduction surgery with another procedure, such as a breast lift, liposuction or tummy tuck.
In addition to cosmetic surgery procedures, a number of cosmetic “spa” offerings include Botox and fillers Juvederm and Voluma and other injectable treatments. Additional services include laser hair, vein and blemish removal procedures. Specially trained aestheticians and beauty experts can recommend and explain treatments.
Throughout his schooling and medical career, Guttikonda has always maintained a focus on giving back. In medical school, he participated in a program offering free medical screenings to inner-city children. He has also worked with DoCare, providing health care to primitive and isolated populations in remote areas of Latin America. He looks forward to supporting Coronado service organizations and charities.
Joining Guttikonda is practice administrator Andrea Carasso, who has more than 20 years experience in managing a plastic surgery practice. Aleshia Grayson serves as patient coordinator along with Carasso. Grayson lives in Coronado, as does Carasso and her new Australian shepherd.

Dr. Rakhesh Guttikonda
Dr. Rakhesh Guttikonda

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