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Five on the Fly with Jacques Spitzer

5 Questions with Jacques Spitzer, Founder of Raindrop Marketing

1. Your company, Raindrop Marketing, got its start here in Coronado. What inspired the name of your business?

There is a quote about best friends – it is said that if we are lucky, we have at least one friend in our life that is special, the friendship comes with ease, like two raindrops coming together on a window-sill.

I loved this analogy and had a strong desire to take this level of partnership into business to see people thrive. It is a commitment to uphold the values you can expect from a best friend. Our brand essence is “Trust in partnership” and our company culture and values include friendship, which we have with each other as a team and with our clients. It is part of what makes working with us both successful and enjoyable. Our clients can always count on us.

2. What makes Coronado a fruitful place to start a business?

Coronado is a small town with great people eager to help. The Coronado Chamber of Commerce has been revamped and has been getting new businesses great “PR” for ribbon cuttings. It’s one of the few places in the state where you can actually meet most of the business community and connect. You also have the advantage of a residential community and a tourist crowd to help purchase goods and services. I feel blessed to be part of this community.

3. Who are some of your local clientele? 

We have been in business for seven years and have done business with a lot of businesses in Coronado. In the past 2 years we have partnered with organizations such as: Coronado Schools Foundation, Del Coronado Realty, Parklife Realty, Coronado Unified School District, Visitor Center, Historical Association, Wine A Bit, UB Flags, Meet the Masters, Pret Gourmet, Christ Church Day School, CMG Mortgage, The Gensler Group, Orion Portfolios, Coronado Tourism Improvement District, Coronado Inn, Coronado Island Inn, Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, Brian Bent Memorial Complex, Crown Preschool and Exit Consulting Group.

All of these companies and organizations are incredible partners with great people – who all make our community thrive!

4. In 2012, you helped produce “Wampler’s Ascent,” highlighting Stephen Wampler’s climb up Yosemite’s El Capitan. What did you find most inspiring about working on that project?

Steve’s entire family is inspiring to me, mostly Elizabeth. She is just a beautiful person inside and out, and her enthusiasm and passion, matched with Steve’s background and drive, is something that is special to behold. They are making a big difference in so many lives.

5. You and your wife have an 8-month-old son, Deacon. What are your favorite things to do with him in town?

We love taking him on walks around town in his stroller. He isn’t quite old enough to enjoy the playground or beach yet without trying to eat the sand but he loves being outdoors. He is taking a class at the Coronado Recreation Center called “Wiggles and Giggles” – I love that name; it’s hilarious!

Jacques Spitzer pictured with his wife Tiffany and son, Deacon.
Tiffany, Deacon, and Jacques Spitzer