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The Coronado View On… Modern Manners


As the world around us changes at a rapid pace, especially as it is spurred by technology, it can be a challenge to keep up with etiquette rules as they apply to modern society. We asked Coronadans to share some tips on manners in the new millennium.

ON TEXTING AND SOCIAL MEDIA: “When it comes to texting, don’t text anything you wouldn’t want someone other than the intended recipient to read. On social media, if you wouldn’t say something in person to someone, saying it online is what I call a ‘pinch and run’ – you say it but you don’t face the reaction from the person because you are hiding behind technology. The same basic rule in life applies to communicating digitally: be a nice person.”

~ Ramona Loiselle, Coronado Unified School District Director of Technology (Pictured with husband, Jim and daughter, Bella, age 11)

ON DOGS: “You may have a friendly dog, but it’s important for everyone’s safety not to let him fast-approach another dog while on a walk. It can be overwhelming and could cause another dog to become protective and act aggressively. Always ask for permission to pet a dog or let your dog interact with someone else’s dog. For good ‘pet-iquette’ it’s best to remember that not everyone loves your dog as much as you do, so make sure to act accordingly.”

~ Holidais Moreira, owner, Feed Play Love Pet Care. Pictured with her dog, Chewbacca.

ON RESTAURANT TIPPING: “I worked multiple waitressing jobs throughout my youth. It was hard, thankless, and often gross work. And I had no idea how mean people could be! Now I over-tip — 20 to 25 percent, if not more — to show my deep appreciation for what a challenging job it is.”

~ Sharon French, author and publisher, Fitinfun

ON AIRLINE TRAVEL: “I love when my customers take a ‘we’re-in-this-together’ approach. Our goal is to get you to your final destination as quickly and safely as possible. For starters, I will always remember to say please and thank you, and we really appreciate it when you do, too! Avoid putting small, personal items and jackets in the overhead bins; they take up more space than you think and keep other passengers from being able to store their larger carry-on items. Be proactive in getting everything you need out of your bag before you board so you can stow your bag and sit down, allowing other customers to pass by more quickly. Oh, and we want you to be comfortable on your flight, but please put your shoes on to go to the bathroom. It’s not a rule or a law, but in my experience I’d say it’s some pretty good advice.”

~ Shelby Couture, flight attendant, American Airlines

ON WALKING YOUR WHEELS: “Even though I sometimes don’t want to get off my skateboard and walk, it’s the right thing to do. Riding can startle people walking on the street; also I’ve been run into before and it doesn’t feel good.”

~ Wilson Blumenthal, age 10


“When it comes to invitations, online options are a great (often free!) way to go. We really like Paperless Post because they have a lot of beautiful designs and creative ways to personalize your invites. Texting out a save-the-date beforehand is also convenient for you and for your guests. But mailed invites are still the most personal, and in the digital age add a really special touch to your event. And remember, even though invitation options have changed, the etiquette hasn’t — always RSVP. It’s a big thing that’s often lost in today’s busy society.”

~ Julia Braga, co-owner, Pomegranate Event Planning (left) and and Cerissa Keiffer

“Hosting an event is all about creating a special experience for your guests. Make your company feel appreciated by going the extra mile to create a ‘wow’ factor with your menu, cocktails, lighting, and music playlists. But above all, show them you enjoy their company! Wait until after they leave to wash the dishes. The whole point is to have fun with your friends!”

~ Cerissa Keiffer, co-owner, Pomegranate Event Planning

“I love throwing dinner parties — and I love ‘yummy sounds’ as my guests dine on the feast I’ve prepared. But if you lick your fingers at my table, I will lose my mind! It’s noisy and gross. Also, keep in mind that I’ve shopped, prepped, and cooked a beautiful meal for you. I took hours and maybe days planning this. When you pick up your phone at my table, you make all my effort and care meaningless.”

~ Celestina Ford, chef and co-owner, A Moveable Feast, owner of cooking school Cucina Celestina / Celestina Ford, third from left, hamming it up with finger licker Melissa Perkins and friends.


“Even in a modern world, I think the best manners are timeless and simple: treat others as you want to be treated, with respect and compassion.” ~ Kristopher

“Daddy gives me stars and treats when I say my pleases and thank yous!”

~ Greyson Nicolls, age 4

~ Kristopher Nicolls, senior account executive, webshopmanager.com pictured with Greyson Nicolls (age 4)


“I share my Shopkins because I want to make my friends happy.”

~ Avery Pate, age 4

“At Graham Memorial we encourage sharing at a really young age. When they’re this young, sharing tends to be about material things, but it’s a lesson and skill that goes much deeper than that. Sharers are able to make sacrifices for others — and sharing is uplifting to humanity.”

~ Christina Nellis, assistant teacher, Graham Memorial Preschool

“What’s good about sharing is every time my friend Avery brings her Shopkins she shares them with me.”

~ George Dunlevy, age 5

ON MODERN WEDDING REGISTRIES: “A lot of couples these days are opting for honeymoon fund registries instead of traditional gifts. I think this is great, especially in an era where everyone has so much ‘stuff.’ If it’s what they’ve requested, and the point of a wedding gift is to help a couple start their life together, why not make a contribution to a trip with memories that will last a lifetime?”

~ Amanda McPhail, wedding planner and owner of Creative Affairs, Inc.